What are the new changes that PES 2021 football game will offer? (Part 2)

On which system will PES 2021 appear?

PS4, Xbox One and PC are the systems that will have PES. The next generation PS5 and Xbox Series have been announced and could be coming soon. However, it is not clear whether the new PES version will appear on these machines or not.

When can players expect about PES 2021?

Every year, PES can be ordered from June or July, before it officially launches. This year, no information has been revealed, the cause is still the Covid-19 pandemic.

What new features will PES 2021 have?

The new features of PES 2021 should be impressive in comparison to the new attractive features of FIFA 2021 game online.

Euro 2020 regime (2021)

In PES 2020, Konami announced the opening of Euro 2020 on June 4. However, the Euro moved to the following summer. Predictive tournament copyright can be maintained to the next version of this attractive football game.

Improved Master League mode

Coach mode is loved by many gamers. However, this mode makes many mistakes compared to FIFA’s Career Mode. Therefore, the manufacturer has committed to improve this mode in the new version

Graphics and gameplay upgrades

PES’s picture quality will continue to improve with the upcoming release of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

Also, the gameplay will also be more refined to limit some players with too “virtual” power. Also avoid the case of players using only a certain style of play.

Who will get the eyes on the PES 2021 disc cover?

Messi on the PES 2020 cover

Messi is usually the one who appears on the PES disc covers every year. Barca also has Ronaldinho in the upgraded-Legends Edition. However, this year does not rule out the possibility that Juventus’s Ronaldo can also be included in the posters

Also, PES also released several versions for the club, including the stars of MU and Bayern Munich on the cover.

Above are the new changes that PES 2021 football game will offer. This new version of the game promises to satisfy football game lovers.