What are the new changes that PES 2021 football game will offer? (Part 1)

In the past years, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) has always been a game that attracts a lot of gamers. PES and FIFA Online are the football game with the largest number of members. Every year, this attractive football game is introduced to the market at the beginning of the season.

However, this year due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the PES 2021 version is unknown when it will be released. But it will be released later. At the same time, the new version of PES also has a number of points that gamers need to care about

PES 2021 comes out later than usual

As usual, the new PES will be released at the scheduled September. Due to the epidemic, the specific date has yet to be revealed. Last year, PES 2020 appeared in stores from September 10, 2019. And the year before was August 28, 2018. PES’s goal is to release new versions two weeks faster than EA’s competitor FIFA (FIFA is expected to launch at the end of September).

How much will the new PES cost?

PES 2021 is estimated to cost around 50 Euro (about 1.3 million) for the EU disk. Due to Konami locking the region, not selling discs, and not allowing PES to be released on the Steam platform in many countries, players often use versions from other countries, but mainly in the EU or Asia.

Which club license will PES 2021 have?

Konami has acquired the image rights of major clubs, including Juventus, Barcelona, or MU. In which the company signed a long-term contract with Juventus, so the rival FIFA must use the name “Piemonte Calcio” instead.

Next year Barca will still have the image copyright in the PES because the contract has a term until 2023. The London Gunners will likely have the copyright in the game when the contract with Konami lasts until 2022.