The new changes and special updates of the FIFA EURO 2021 football game

FIFA EURO  2021 was officially launched on September 27, 2019, with many different improvements compared to the old version. Most football fans have the same opinion, FIFA 20 seems to make them feel like they are experiencing the real game. For your convenience, below we will summarize the significant changes in FIFA 2021.

Volta Football mode and smart ball play- Football Intelligence

Volta Football is a goalkeeper-free PvP mode and offers many options for players such as Professional Futsal or 3vs3, 4vs4, 5vs5. In particular, the football field in this mode will not be like a regular football field. It will be a wide roof in Tokyo or underground in Amsterdam. Your goal is to do your best to win the Volta World Championship in Buenos Aires.

Besides Volta Football, FIFA EURO 2021 is also appreciated for its smart football feature – Football Intelligence. This is a new improvement with more improvements in ball control to give you more opportunities to show your ability.

Besides, the physical features, mechanics on the ball, the proportions and distances of players on the field have also changed. As a result, players will have the most authentic experience every time they enter the match.

Besides Volta Football, FIFA EURO 2021 is appreciated for its smart football feature

Defense upgrades using AI

In addition to the above two upgrades, FIFA EURO 2021 is also equipped with an AI defense system (artificial intelligence) that brings more benefits to players. Specifically, when performing manual defense, players directly controlled by the player receive more balls and a higher degree of accuracy than automatic control.

This not only makes FIFA EURO 2021 more real, but players will also no longer depend too much on the automatic defense system of the game. This change will increase the chances of blocking, blocking, or chasing the opposing team players for defenders.

Weather system

If in the old versions the weather only fixed one style and you were only selected once when setting up the match, then FIFA EURO 2021 has made a different step. Using the new version, you will see that rain, sun, wind… can appear at any time without notice or according to any rules.


Above are all changes in the football game FIFA EURO 2021. With the above improvements, FIFA 20 will surely conquer all the fans of the ball and become the most sought-after game today.