FIFA 21 game and pre-settings information on Microsoft store (Part 1)

The development team at EA Sports wanted to evoke a gameplay upgrade to the football game FIFA 21.

In the trailer and pre-order photos we can see that it is the image of Kylian Mbappe, the young star of PSG, a team that can be said to be the strongest in the French Ligue 1 football tournament.

EA’s star player on loan this year is Kylian. So this FIFA 2021 version will have new updates, let’s take a look at the changes in the game based on the EA trailer.

Is the first installment in the series to appear on the next-generation Xbox Series X, live in the past simply was not an option? This goes with a trait that naturally includes community feedback over the years to shape the future of the game in the most influential, most positive, and able to define its genre.

FIFA 2021 version will have new updates

All of this equates to a series of player movement upgrades, built on a set of three key design elements including creativity, flexibility, and responsiveness. The development of football’s most basic components also extends to many other elements of FIFA 21.

The most interesting upgrade is something the community will be very pleased to find in the game. Directed Passes, Directed Runs, and Player Lock are a large set of changes that were not possible until now.

While players may run forward in previous sections to open up scoring opportunities, they may not always get where they want to go when facing a more experienced opponent.

To improve things, you can now exploit open gaps as Directed Runs let you run around 360 degrees freely. This helps you choose exactly the space you want the player to move to before making the perfect pass.

FIFA 21 and pre-settings information on Microsoft store

Conversely, you can entrust the ball to the AI ​​and use Player Lock to make the striker run on his own. In both cases, players are now equipped with an entirely new arsenal of creative tricks to test even the most powerful center-backs.

To use Player Lock, simply press both analog sticks after passing the ball, while Directed Run needs a light touch on R1 in the direction you want the player to move.