Explore the outstanding changes and updates of the FIFA 2021 game (Part 2)


Updated more on kicking, defense, flick ball skills, some 5-star skills, ability to dribble, attack smarter. Also, FIFA 21 will update some new locations such as Sao Paulo’s Downtown, Milan street pitch, and a geodesic dome in Dubai, as well as in Sydney and Paris.


There are also significant updates that make your game even more interesting. The new Agile Dribbling system lets you blast defenders of the past and faster footwork for more control in one-on-one situations.

Positioning Personality improves the importance of positional perception, with world-class strikers keeping their best runs, space-exploiting players, and defenders identifying ball situations. danger. Creative Runs offers new ball options, improves build attack gameplay and gives you multiple paths to unlock the defense.


It is too early to confirm exactly what FIFA 21 will look like, however, based on what comes out in FIFA 20, we can expect FIFA 21 to be a great title. FIFA 20 graphics are great, which is without a doubt due to the engine being used – Frostbite 3. The engine used on FIFA 20 made by DICE was originally made for Battlefield and is widely used. in first-person shooters. And most likely the Engine will also be used for FIFA 21.

FIFA 20 graphics are great, which is without a doubt due to the engine being used – Frostbite 3

Image copyright

As you know EA has lost the image copyright of the old dress of Turin to the competitor Konami on PES 20, and it seems that EA has also lost the copyright of an Italian football team, AS Roma, and was replaced with the name Roma FC. But this year we will see the appearance of two teams from Milan, AC as well as Inter, to return to FIFA 21.

Along with that is the image of some stadiums such as Juventus’ Allianz Stadium, Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena, and Barcelona Nou Camp will almost certainly not appear at FIFA 21. Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium and PSG’s Parc des Princes have been confirmed in the official FIFA 21 screenshots.