Explore the outstanding changes and updates of the FIFA 2021 game (Part 1)

For those of you who do not know, FIFA or FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer is a football game series that debuted in 1993 and is released annually by Electronic Arts under the brand EA Sports and with the permission of the Football Federation.

Changes in-game section

Career mode

The improved development system allows players to move positions so you can evolve players to fit your plan. Game fidelity is not all about fitness and whether it is during training or the rotation of your squad you will need to keep your players in top form to achieve it to the highest efficiency.

The improved development system allows players to move positions

There are also new ways to sign player contracts such as borrowing players with out-of-purchase conditions and player swaps. What’s more, if you pre-order Champions or Ultimate Edition, you’ll get a Homegrown Talent.

Ultimate team

FIFA Ultimate Team 2021 has been revealed and has some interesting new features to look forward to. Along with the new features, several brand new icons have been announced.

For the first time in Ultimate Team, you can build a stadium for your team. Build your fantasy stadium and turn it into the fortress you want, customize the roaming music when the two teams go on the field, and fireworks if desired.

New icon card

Exactly, there will be 100 legendary icon cards on FIFA 21, including Fernando Torres, Philipp Lahm, Nemanja Vidic, and one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League that we have ever seen returning to FIFA 21.

Video assistant referee

After all, the question arises, will VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology be implemented in Career Mode on FIFA 21? This is not the first time video technology has appeared in FIFA, After all, EA Sports added goal-line technology in FIFA 15.

Although this was an important addition when it was first released. But perhaps the addition of VAR will be on a completely different level. VAR technology will create a more realistic football experience, but would FIFA fans want that feeling of tension during the match?