Check out the best FIFA football games of all time (Part 1)

FIFA football game is a very famous game of EA Sports brand licensed by the FIFA World Football Association. The game was launched in 1993 and has caught the attention of the online community.

In the following article, we will synthesize 10 soccer game genres FIFA and how to download for your reference.

This free FIFA-playing version allows players to transform into famous superstar players. Who do you admire, you just need to pick and play the game. The soccer game FIFA Online 2 has features such as fighting bots (AI computer) and online matches.

The graphics are close to FIFA 7 and have a not so smooth experience design as FIFA 12. FIFA 2 is still considered to bring vivid movements and many people are interested.

FIFA Online 3

FIFA Online 3 is the continuation of the original FIFA version, which is so popular on the online football forum. FIFA online 3 football game allows you to feel the game top and real with just your computer.

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Phipha online 3 soccer game has the disadvantage of quite a heavy capacity. The interface has been remade brand new thanks to the high quality modern next-gen graphic technology. This is the very beloved version of the FIFA game, it comes from the layout that seems to be completely changed to the game shirt.

FIFA Online 4

The football game FIFA Online 4 (FO4) followed by his brother FO3 was released under the hands of Nexon and EA Sports in 2018.

This game is inspired by FIFA 17. The traditional single-player gameplay is the basics, the game is added with the online ranking competition. There are other types of entertainment such as Survival or no extremely interesting rules.

FIFA online 9

FIFA online 9 football games did not disappoint gamers when there were too many big changes compared to the rest of the FIFA online game series. FO9 graphics are upgraded to extremely new heights. The camera angles are diverse, perhaps the FO9 is too favored when backed by leading technology in the field of graphics.

Another highlight of the FIFA online 9 football game is the “self-adaptive” feature. Two teams face-off, the weaker team will be analyzed by the AI ​​system to find a suitable playing strategy. It could be a manual combination or a defensive focus on multiple people. This makes the matches more and more intense.