A summary of FIFA games on all operating systems (Part 3)

8. FIFA 15

It can be said that this is the most complete version of FIFA on the computer, Ignite Engine technology brings the ultimate 3D graphics, bringing a feeling that cannot be more real for each match.

Another quite important point in football is that not only are the players on the field, but the audience is the one who brings the passionate atmosphere, loud chants, but high emotions. However, the old versions did not pay all attention, every angle was focused on the field, making the game a bit boring.

In FIFA 15, from the boy who picked the ball, the feelings of a single fan, the scoreboard all were noticed and adjusted to become more vivid. It can be said that in this version, everything that a gamer would expect, a “real” match will be sent to the player through each match.

9. FIFA 16

For the first time in the history of football games, there was a game to attract many female players. Thanks to the new scanning technology, portraits of “soccer beauties” are perfectly reproduced in FIFA 16.

Each time a new version is released, EA has new changes and upgrades

Moreover, each time a new version is released, EA has new changes and upgrades. With this version, players will feel the top football in a better experience thanks to the graphics using the most modern technology.

However, this is also the version requiring the worst configuration (Operating system from Windows 7 or higher, 4GB RAM, free hard drive at least 15GB, video card).

The above article has just summarized for you the list of FIFA football games on the current popular operating systems, if you are a fan of football and are also passionate about this game, choose for yourself an installation now.


Above is a summary of FIFA games on all operating systems. We wish you have fun and entertaining moments!