A summary of FIFA games on all operating systems (Part 2)

4. FIFA 09

Very beautiful 3D graphics, adding a lot of shooting angles, using leading technology in the field of graphics, in particular, with a change that makes a complete difference between FIFA 09 compared to other versions, that it is a self-adaptive design.

This means that when a big team is playing against a weaker team, the system will automatically analyze and arrange tactics for the weaker team to actively play defensively, or even is mass defense. This will make the matches that seem the simplest will also be more thrilling and attractive.

5. FIFA 10

Talking about this version, perhaps the main highlight is in the newly added features, such as Fighting mode, practice, utility providing information on the transfer market, injury… In addition, FIFA 10 also has a customizable game mode, such as difficulty, using penalty cards and injury or not?

FIFA 10 also has a customizable game mode

Compared to previous versions, FO10 is quite light and requires not too high computer configuration, if you are passionate about this game, FIFA 10 is the perfect version to experience.

6. FIFA 12

If FO3 is the “transformation” then FIFA 12 is the “Revolution” of the best football game on the planet. This is inevitable, when around this time, PES – the legendary rival of FIFA also began to rise strongly and attract a lot of customers to focus on and use their products.

At this time, FIFA Online must have new improvements and changes. A series of new features such as Impact Engine (bringing life, realism) Pro Player Intelligence (artificial brains for players on the field, helping them to constantly move, judge the ball situation) Precision Dribbling was born, promising FIFA 12 superiority in the race against his opponents.

7. FIFA 14

Not many sudden changes, FIFA 14 focuses largely on the graphics, sound as well as the movement of the players on the field. The only highlight is probably the Impact Engine feature, which simulates the impact to show it more “real” in the game.

In addition, a number of small improvements make the players move more flexible, smarter, and handle the ball more subtly and accurately, making FIFA 14 more beautiful than ever. However, the more beautiful the graphics, the greater the capacity. Compared to its brother versions, FIFA 14 requires a much higher machine configuration.