A brief review of the FIFA 21 football game? Is it a good game to try? (Part 2)

Another point I like is the real and real dribbling feeling. If you are controlling a good player, you will have a very good dribbling feeling,

However, when controlling a bad player the feeling will be slow. It requires you to pass the ball or perform other skills. Therefore, if you are playing against a friend of the same level, you should both choose two equal teams.

The position of the attacking AI is also significantly improved, the player locates the actual location, making the deployment of the attack much more efficient. The AI ​​players run well, creating plenty of space for you. You will easily deploy attacks over your team’s field, but converting into a goal is another problem with the improved defense system as I mentioned above.

The position of the attacking AI in the game is also significantly improved

I play in parallel with FIFA and PES and one thing I don’t like about FIFA from the past up to now is that the color gamut of the game is quite dark and character creation is not as beautiful as PES, and FIFA 21 compared to PES 21 is no exception. The matches in FIFA are usually darker, especially with the matches taking place in bad weather conditions.

There is another point I do not like in FIFA 21 (and many previous versions) that is the menu to adjust tactics, changing players is quite confused. In many games, I am lazy to change players or adjust tactics because it is too confusing, it may take you a while to get used to if you are new, especially when switching from PES to.

If you are a fan of FIFA Online 4, it seems that you won’t have much problem switching to playing this game on console. My room had two friends before playing FIFA Online 4 but could not play PES, but playing FIFA 21 was fascinated immediately.

On which platforms can you play FIFA 21?

FIFA 21 is released for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

FIFA 21 is released for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on October 9, and the PS5 and Xbox Series X version will be released around the same time as the next-gen console release.

Hopefully, FIFA 21 for this current console generation is a light appetizer before you experience a complete FIFA 21 on the next-gen. I also look forward to it!