A brief review of the FIFA 21 football game? Is it a good game to try? (Part 1)

Immediately after the pre-launch of PES 2021 with “give” updates, FIFA 21 has also officially reached the hands of football game lovers. I have the opportunity to experience FIFA 21 a few days ago, in this article I would like to share my little judgment about this new version.

Firstly, although FIFA 21 has also changed quite a bit, I think it is not still there compared to last year. It doesn’t seem like a surprise, as by the end of the year gamers are starting to get their hands on the latest generation consoles including Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. And games are starting to focus on development for next-gen instead of for current console generation.

FIFA 2021 is worth trying

Konami and EA are also not out of that trend. FIFA 21’s release date on PS4 and Xbox One are October 9, two months ahead of the next-generation version. However, it is quite a long time to wait for next-gen, so Konami has released PES 2021 as a small update. I appreciate EA more as they still invest in FIFA 21 on PS4 and Xbox One for a complete upgrade.

The game allows you to upgrade for free to next-gen

Players can purchase games on the current generation and migrate to a PS5 or Xbox Series X for free when you shop for new consoles, with Ultimate Team and Volta data synced easily.

Going back to the PS4 version of FIFA 21 that I am holding there is not much to say in this version when the game is not a big update. Everything you have in FIFA 20 is back in this version with career mode (Career mode), Ultimate Team, and even Volta mode.

However, when I experience the game through machine matches and 1-on-1 matches with my roommate, I realize that the game has also changed in a positive direction. The matches in FIFA 21 become a lot more engaging with improved player skills.

The matches in FIFA 21 become a lot more engaging with improved player skills

Especially, my favorite feature is that the defense mode in the match has improved a lot. It takes a lot more skill and it will feel more real. The side attack, then crosses the wing, will no longer be as easy as before there were players with good stats thanks to this new defense system. Goalkeeper also works more effectively.